Services and Samples

Arabic translation (my translation sample): I do translation from French and English into Arabic. Based on my extensive experience in the field of gender studies and feminist translation (see in the list of samples some relevant projects I completed), I have in-depth knowledge in gender terminology. My fields of interest also include social and human sciences, NGOs, media… My translation is also provided to write and answer your business and personal correspondences.

For a highly professional translation, I offer this service in my mother tongue, Arabic. However, I can provide you with English translations proofread by a native and experienced English translator. 

To save time and effort, I can use MemoQ CAT tool.  

Subtitling: I do subtitling and captioning of videos so that you can reach a wider audience around the world.

Content writing (my writing sample): It is important to target your audience with a relevant content. This content should inform, attract or convince your readers. To this end, I offer writing your content in Arabic, which would certainly meet your requirements.

Glossary creation (my dictionary): To have a terminology glossary that facilitates your future work and saves your time. Glossary also ensures consistency in translation. In any field, you can only provide me with your corpus or reference material and I will do the rest…

Proofreading (my Arabic proofreading sample): Do you need a final sweep through your Arabic paper or translation with an eye for errors? My proofreading checks accuracy, consistency and coherence for an error-free document.

Editing and revision: I can revise your work to improve clarity for your readers and highlight your paper’s strengths. Another reader’s comments and suggestions are beneficial for your final version. As to translation, I can check the translation against the source text to make sure the translation is correct.

Summarization: If you need to restate the main ideas of your text in a few words and ignore irrelevant information, I can summarize your text for you.

Audio Transcription: If you have got an interview, a dictation, a lecture, a radio programme or a presentation to be transcribed, I invite you to contact me to do it for you. When these materials become available in a text format, your potential audience can be expanded significantly.

The rates depend on the service required, the text type and the deadline. To get a quote, please contact me for a competitive rate.