My NEW book!

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By Bushra L.
I am pleased to announce the launch of my new ebook in Arabic. It is titled “Dictionary of Women’s Studies from an Islamic Perspective (Arabic, French, English)”.

It is a trilingual dictionary with Arabic definitions. While the terms are defined only in Arabic, their equivalents are provided in English and French. The objective of this dictionary is to define some concepts (80) stated in the writings of Muslim feminists from an Islamic perspective. It is also meant to provide English and French equivalents in compliance with the characteristics of the Arabic terms/concepts.

The dictionary targets anyone interested in learning how Islam dealt with some women’s issues such as marriage, inheritance, equality, etc. It also targets researchers and those interested in Muslim women’s studies on the basis of an Islamic approach. The terms are extracted from the writings of the Islamic feminist Dr. Asma Lamrabet.

Potential readers can have an idea about the content of the dictionary by having a look at its excerpt. It is accessible at the top-right corner of the cover page image here. You only need to click on ‘Preview’ to read the excerpt. It shows the index of the eighty Arabic terms.

The dictionary is available in PDF at Payhip.

Enjoy reading!

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