About Me

-From Talent to Professionalism-

Hi, I am Bouchra. If you need a professional Arabic translator, you can contact me here to get your translation done. I will be happy to help and provide you with my language-related services to meet your needs. Welcome aboard “Translatrain”!

Native speaker of Arabic, I am a freelance translator in French and English to Arabic language pairs. I also translate from Arabic to English. I have an MA in Specialized Translation, a bachelor’s degree in English Studies, and a certificate in translation and communication.

In 2009, I began my career as in-house translator. I am now a freelance translator and dedicate my skills in translation, proofreading, editing, and content writing to build a trusting relationship with customers through my commitment, attention to detail, and passion for this craft.

I am accustomed to meeting deadlines and responding promptly to emails. I have excellent computer skills, including office software and internet research.

Following my translations in the field of human and social sciences, I have been awarded the Grand Atlas Prize of translation (Prix Grand Atlas) in 2015 by the Embassy of France for my translation of a book from French into Arabic.

Translatrain reflects my love story with translation that started out as I was translating every short story I received as a kid on my birthdays. This love story has evolved into an academic specialization and a business project called Translatrain.

For more details, you can have a look at my academic and professional background at LinkedIn.